1. To improve the employability if those who have not demonstrated the ability to obtain and maintain unsubsidized employment
  2. To develop the general skills, training, knowledge, and work habits necessary to obtain and employment
  3. To develop positive work attitudes


All enrolled participants must engage in supervised, productive work activity which may take place in a variety of settings/job sites according skill level, interest, ability and the needs of Goodwill for the number of hours per month dictated by the referring agency.

Close and frequent supervision by the program manager is essential to program success, as the work site provides ample opportunity to develop skills and for program managers to provide timely feedback on appropriate work place behaviors.

Work Services Employees are provided minimum wage.


Participant will demonstrate the behavior necessary for job maintenance.

Outcomes will vary according to the individual’s vocational potential. It is expected that approximately 50% of referred clients will stay in work services for a transitional period and eventually secure employment in the community. The remaining numbers are expected to continue to maintain or improve their current levels of functioning, but will likely not progress beyond a level of transitional employment.

How can an individual access this service?

For more information, call Ashtabula Goodwill, Inc. Serving NE Ohio & NW Pennsylvania at (440) 954-3565.

Program Procedures

In addition to providing wages, the work services/experience program gives participants a realistic work environment in which to raise tolerances, develop appropriate behaviors and attitudes and sharpen work skills.

Assigned staff is responsible for following the client’s progress, providing guidance, developing appropriate work skill strategies, and providing referral and follow-up services.

Any aid or support from other agencies likely to further the client’s aspirations will be vigorously pursued on the client’s behalf.

For those clients who progress to the level of competitive employment, placement services are available.

The work services program manager will plan for a transition period during which the client is gradually prepared to return to community employment. During this period, the client will participate in job seeking skills training. The job developer will provide job leads and supports during the programming.

Referral Source Information and Responsibilities

Appropriate progress notes and reports will be sent to referral counselors and agencies as requested.

Referring counselors are asked to provide appropriate background information and cooperate with the vocational rehabilitation director in providing services for the client.

Discharge Criteria

Clients are discharged when obtaining competitive employment.

Prior to a client’s discharge from programming, a final staffing is held. At that time, all information is reviewed and recommendations and plans for a smooth transition into employment are discussed.

The job developer provides follow-up services to the client for 90 days of employment.

If a work services/work experience client secures a competitive job and then loses it before he has been there for one year, he may return to his previous job at Goodwill.

Duration of service varies and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Participants may be assigned to a variety of jobs which are on or off site and include:

  1. Store
    a. Stock clerk
    b. Bagger
  2. Transportation
    a. Truck helper
  3. Dock
    a. Material sorter
    b. Material Handler
  4. Hard goods
    a. Furniture cleaning and minor repairs
    b. Small appliance checker
    c. Wares sorting, cleaning, and pricing
  5. Janitorial
    a. Cleaning facility offices, store and restroom
    b. Maintenance helper
  6. Wipers
    a. Wiper cloth cutters
    b. Sorter
  7. Textile/Processing
    a. Quality assurance checker
    b. Shoe sorter inspector
    c. Sorter
  8. Lawn Care/Grounds Keeping
    a. Mowing
    b. Maintaining flower beds
    c. Snow shoveling
  9. Subcontracts
    a. Assembly
    b. Packaging
    c. Inspection work
  10. Office
    a. Reception
    b. Clerical/computer entry