1. Project YES

    Project YES provides individual and group employability skills training in school districts within Erie and Crawford County to include existing classroom environments, as well as, community worksites for job shadowing and work experience. The program fully supports successful transition from high school with an intended outcome of successful student participant employment, matching their skills and interests with an open position within their community.

  2. Stay in School Tutoring/Study Skills Training

    Instruction with evidence based dropout prevention and recovery strategies will be delivered by Goodwill’s certified GED instructor. GED classes will be offered 3 times a week for 1.5 hours.

  3. Financial Literacy Education

    Will be delivered monthly using FDIC & Money Smart program that offers digital training with hands-on-instruction.

  4. Entrepreneurial /Leadership Skills Training

    Developing budgets, taking initiative, identify business opportunities, how to acquire capital, starting and running a business, and learning about day-to day operations of a Business will be offered using the National Federation of Independent Business Entrepreneurial Skills Training Curriculum. Participants will have an opportunity to practice Leadership skills in the promotion of donation drives, facilitation a community projects, and participating in facilitating groups.

  5. Computer Exploration

    Use of Computer Exploration for available jobs or postsecondary educational opportunities using on line tools available. Services link to online videos, assessments and tracking tools. Also included in program participation is the continuous use of Ohio Means Jobs.com.

  6. Parenting

    Goodwill Industries will provide Ages and Stages (ASQ-3) development program. The 4 hour program is designed to educate parents on basic child development, including social emotional development for age’s birth through six. A portion of this training will be dedicated to child-abuse prevention education. The program allows for the identification of early intervention needs, and referrals to intensive parenting/home visitation programs. Goodwill currently employs a staff member who is certified OHDJFS child abuse prevention educator and an ASQ train-the-trainer.

  7. Bridges Out of Poverty

    “Getting Ahead” course will be offered to select participants. The course is 10 sessions and provides people in poverty with the same information found in Bridges Out of Poverty. The Getting Ahead curriculum puts the concepts, tools, and relationships in the hands of people in poverty to make a difference in their own lives and in the life of their community. The “aha” process helps participants understand work/life habits that move people out of poverty and off reliance on benefit programs. Goodwill employs certified instructors.

  8. Job Search

    Goodwill has been providing this service for 30 years and employs a Job Developer who seeks positions, offers instruction on in-demand industry and labor market information, reports hiring trends, and local industry employment opportunities.

  9. Post-Secondary Education

    Goodwill will provide, as appropriate, on-line research and exploration of post-secondary opportunities and trade certificates, including accessing OMJ training/ITA services.

  10. Career Awareness/Counseling

    This will be done through education on local employment and career trends, career exploration fairs, and awareness activities.

  11. Drug and Alcohol Prevention Awareness

    Class Participants will engage in a 1.5 hour prevention class providing information on the dangers of drug and alcohol use/dependency. This includes a resource list for local drug and alcohol treatment options.

  12. Goodwill will assist participant access to all of the following types of job development activities:

    • Register and/or utilize portfolio Ohio Means Jobs.com
    • Develop or update a resume or electronic portfolio
    • Practice interview skills
    • Obtain a photo ID
    • Facilitating adult mentoring opportunities
    • Develop a transportation plan
    • Develop a childcare plan
    • Research Activities – Goodwill will provide opportunities for research activities including library research, interest inventories, aptitude, or ability measures.

  13. Job Shadowing

    Participants observes someone who is performing a particular job of interest to the individual. Participants observe an individual doing a job in a real work environment. Goodwill utilizes its Job Developer to facilitate some community job shadowing experiences. Goodwill has also utilized office positions, receptionist positions, janitorial and maintenance positions, and the retail system as a means to facilitate job shadowing.

  14. Consultation and Training

    Goodwill offers a full range of direct supports to employers to provide ongoing training to hired individuals, suggest strategies for success, and to provide interventions should challenges arise in the future.