Job Development


The job development/placement program will assist the individual with job leads consistent with their vocational goal and assist with interviewing, job seeking skills and postemployment support. Job coaching is designed to provide individualized attention to persons referred to enhance their employability When necessary a job can be developed with an employer to meet the individual’s needs.

Expected Participant Outcomes

The participant is expected to participate in this program until they have obtained competitive employment or until the program is terminated by himself or the referring agency. The outcome for participants in the job development program is to gain employment at a standard living wage with on-going support to the employer and employee for successful retention. Follow along service may include phone calls and visits with both the employer and employee to help resolve conflicts or difficulties, and to determine if other support services may be warranted, such as assistive devices/rehabilitation technology.

Expected Client Outcomes

At the end of job coaching/follow along services, it is expected that each individual will successfully maintain their employment and have positive closure.

Participants Served

  • Individuals with emotional, physical, mental or developmental disabilities
  • Individuals desiring help with re-entry
  • Unemployed, underemployed or inappropriately employed individuals
  • Youth/Dropouts
  • Elderly Individuals

Admission Criteria

Each individual must have an identified vocational goal and the desire to obtain and maintain employment.

Service Time

Participants will be scheduled for their initial interview no later than two weeks of the referral. Individuals can expect a few months of service prior to employment readiness. Once employed, services will continue for 90 days, followed by 90 days of follow-up supports. Service duration varies, as it is based on how quickly the individual can be matched with suitable employment.

Service Location

Goodwill Training Center
600 Hulbert Ave.
Ashtabula, OH 44004

Who is eligible for these services?

Eligibility is based on three factors:
  1. A physical or mental ipairment which causes or results in a substantial impediment to employment
  2. The ability to benefit from services which lead to employment and...
  3. A requirement of vocational rehabilitation to prepare for, secure, retain or regain employment.

In addition to facility admission criteria, any or all of the following materials may be required:

  • Authorization voucher for program or letter from referring counselor stating intent to pay for services
  • General medical examination report
  • Psychological evaluation if appropriate
  • Recent vocational assessment

Any applicant who meets the admission qualifications will have an interview prior to acceptance into the program.

How to access this service

Job development participants are referred through the:

Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation: Cleveland BVR Office
14650 Detroit Ave., Ste. 300
Lakewood, OH 44107

Voice: (216)227-3250
TTY: (216)227-3292
FAX: (216)227-3293
Toll-free: (866)325-0026

Program Procedures

The Goodwill Industries program staff will assist each person in his job search by providing job leads consistent with his vocational goal and, when necessary, arranging interviews and advocating on behalf of each client. All individuals receive a client handbook and orientation to the work routine, including discussion of policies and procedures.

Prior to job search some individuals will receive Job Seeking Skills Training (JSST). This will be determined on an individual basis. JSST sessions will include completing applications, networking training, resume writing, interview training and an introduction to job search methods.

Meetings with program participants will be prioritized in regards to employment opportunities. Weekly contact will be maintained. The referring counselor will receive monthly progress reports outlining each participant’s performance and job search or retention efforts. Case conferencing is requested at least once each four-week period.

When a person obtains employment, a written report will be submitted to the referring agency.
Follow-up will be conducted at 14-day, 30-day, and 90-day intervals. Employer assistance will be made available when necessary and/or requested.

The participant may be eligible for job coaching at additional cost to the referring agency.

Referral Source Information and Responsibilities

Special staffings may be made if problems arise.

The placement report is generated at the time of employment and documents pertinent information regarding the client, referring agency and job placement.

A placement follow-up report is completed at 30-and 60-day intervals, as part of the follow-along service authorized by the hour and are determined on a case-by-case basis. Any recommendations for ancillary services are made at this time. The referring counselor is asked to provide reports of other relevant services the client may be receiving.

Discharge Criteria for Job Development and Placement

  1. Client will be employed in a position which satisfies the referral agency’s criteria for a successful closure and meets the individual’s needs.
  2. Client will be able to perform a job with or without reasonable accommodations and with or without long term follow-along services.
  3. Client will participate in an exit interview; his satisfaction and input will be recorded and mutually agreed upon recommendations identified.