1. To develop a resume or background information sheet/generic application.
  2. To develop skill in the use of various job search techniques including phone, Internet, newspaper, and networking resources.
  3. To develop good interviewing techniques and ability to sell self for the job.
  4. To develop an understanding of employment issues such as unions, benefits, taxes, etc.
  5. To reduce barriers to employment, including issues related to child care, transportation, and education/skill level.
  6. To develop knowledge and understanding of appropriate workplace behaviors.


  • A classroom setting will be used to teach specific skills through lecture, role playing and videotaping.
  • Questions will be addressed through group discussion.
  • Participants will design their resumes and practice filling out applications.
  • Participants will perform a self-directed job search using the strategies and skills taught and the resources available at the agency and in the community.
  • Curriculum is delivered through Skills to Pay The Bills method.


Participants will be capable of obtaining and maintaining employment.

Discharge Criteria

  1. Participant will demonstrate good job seeking skills.
  2. Participant will demonstrate appropriate workplace behaviors.
  3. Participant will demonstrate plans for employment or further training, or be employed.

How can an individual access this service?

For more information, call Ashtabula Goodwill, Inc. Serving NE Ohio & NW Pennsylvania at (440) 954-3565.