Job coaches use work adjustment techniques such as modeling, hand over hand, employer technical assistance and supportive feedback to assist each individual assigned to them in maximizing their vocational potential.

Job coaches are not expected to work in place of any assigned participant. Job coaches may ‘pitch in and help’ assigned individuals utilizing modeling behaviors. Wherever possible, job coaches will be assigned by the program manager for the necessary time to complete each individual program plan.


The Client Shall:

  1. Not work for more than 40 hours per week and shall participate for more than four weeks or 160 hours
  2. Cooperate to the fullest extent to meet the objectives of the treatment plan

Goodwill Industries of Ashtabula Shall:

  1. Provide all technical assistance, client counseling, and job station assistance
  2. Be responsible for client wages
  3. Be responsible for program continuality and correct operation

The Job Site Shall:

  1. Donate to Goodwill the client job station
  2. Donate supervision and/or “stand-back” supervision to Goodwill for client adjustment/exploration
  3. Provide useful, transferable job experience for the client
  4. Not have regular employees laid-off or on “reduced hours”
  5. Not terminate or reduce the hours of a regular employee or reduce the pay scale of any employee due to client participation
  6. Not establish an employer-employee relationship with the client for the duration of this program
  7. Not utilize more than one job station at one time for this purpose

Pursuant to the nature of this agreement, neither Goodwill Industries nor its cooperating and sponsoring partners shall be required to retain the client as an employee. Should the above mentioned employer wish to retain the client, it shall be the sole responsibility of that party and the client to negotiate such an agreement.

How can you access this service?

For more information call Ashtabula Goodwill, Inc. Serving NE Ohio & NW Pennsylvania at (440) 954-3565.